About Us

Incorporating elements of vibrant color and bold design, Hello My Deer seeks to push the limits of fun in every handcrafted piece. Its principle designer and owner, Glenys Bosman, moved to the US from South Africa eight years ago and brought all the flavor of the Motherland with her. Glenys has returned after some time in the corporate world to where she truly belongs...back at the bench, creating her new and inspiring line of jewelry.

Glenys always had a strong desire to create with her hands. Even from her early childhood years, she could be found making “designer” clothes for her dolls, or selling handmade beaded-wire jewelry at school for extra pocket money. There was never a doubt in her mind, (or anyone else’s for that matter) that she was destined for a career in design. Glenys studied Jewelry design and manufacture at the Cape Peninsula University, and graduated with honors, all while developing her craft for one of Cape Town’s most prestigious South African designers, Ida Elsje.

Each piece of Hello My Deer’s jewelry is thoughtfully handmade using traditional metal working techniques, combined with contemporary designs inspired by nature as well as the architecture found along Glenys’ travels. 

Creating a life you love and living out your dreams were the values and vision behind Glenys’ desire to start Hello My Deer. Her passion to invest in the small business community, connect with other artistic minds, and find new ways of collaboration are what gives Glenys the drive to pursue that dream.

We hope you love wearing these pieces as much as she has enjoyed creating them!